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Year 7 2024 Enrolment Information

Year 7 2023

The process for Year 6 to Year 7 2024 enrolments will be available online from 6 March 2023.

Parents can complete their expression of interest (EOI) from their mobile phone or computer.

Out of area applications will be considered by 5 June 2023.

Last day parents can submit an EOI online is 6 April. Please phone the school for enquiries after this date.

For students currently enrolled in NSW Government Schools please follow the instructions provided by your Primary School.

For students not enrolled in government schools refer to the enrolment tab on the Albury High School website. The steps required for in area and out of area applications are clear to follow.

Albury High School has a designated enrolment area that is referred to as a zoned or local area. Please refer to School Finder to determine whether you live within the boundaries for Albury High School.

If you live outside the Albury High School local area there is provision to list your reasons for applying on the online expression of interest.

Paper forms will still be available for parents who prefer not to use the online enrolment process.

In addition to the availability of appropriate staff and permanent classroom accommodation, all out of area applications are considered against selection criteria.

  Albury High School Placement Criteria 

Albury High School Enrolment page. Year 6 to year 7 access available from 6 March.

For further information, please contact Albury High School on 60213488.