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Our professional, university-educated teachers encourage students to develop a love of learning and a desire to succeed. They maintain the highest integrity and concern for your child’s wellbeing.

The principal is responsible for the educational leadership and management of our school. If you would like to speak to the principal, please contact us to make an appointment.

Our school administrative staff can answer inquiries or direct you to the appropriate staff member for help.




Mr Darryl Ward

DEPUTY PRINCIPALS:                      

Mr Damian Toohey

Mrs Sharon McEachern


Mrs Nicole Hayward


Administration, Computing & Languages Faculty

Mrs Michelle Armstrong - Computing Co-ord & HT Adm

Ms Kate Bender - Librarian

Ms Melinda Boyce – SRC Coordinator

Mrs Vinvien Ling

Mr James Boyce

Creative & Performing Arts Faculty

Ms Angela Moon - Head Teacher

Ms Nadia Dosenko – Visual Arts

Miss Kelly McGuinness - Music

Miss Gretchen Prowse - Drama - Yr 8 Student Adviser

Ms Lana Rhodes - Visual Arts

Mrs Mardi Sergi - Music

English Faculty

Ms Jenna-Lea Peel - Head Teacher

Ms Hannah Clapperton

Ms Ria Crisp

Mr Adrian French

Ms Georgina Kidd

Mr Aaron Gray-Block 

Ms Stephanie Ryde

Ms Sarah Toole - Prefects’ Patron

Ms Rebecca Wall - Yr 11 Student Adviser

Home Economics & Vocational Ed Faculty

Ms Tanya Mortimer - Head Teacher

Mrs Melissa Albert

Miss Claire Chapman

Miss Lisa Higham - Yr 10 Student Adviser

Ms Dian Madden - Careers Adviser

Mrs Paula Watson

Industrial Arts

Mr Cameron Miller - Head Teacher

Mr Luke Kompler

Mr Scott Jacob

Mr Darryn Nixon

Mr Mark Peter – HT Admin (Rel)

Mathematics Faculty

Mr James Lollback - Head Teacher (Rel)

Mr Keith Baudinette

Mrs Taylor Dowling

Ms Rachel Eyles

Mrs Ainsley Lebner

Mr Brendan Passmore

Mr Simon Porter

Ms Rachel Saul

Mrs Kristina Schaeffer

PDHPE Faculty

Mr Greg King - Head Teacher

Mr Nathan Honeyman

Miss Samantha O’Connell - Sports Organiser

Mr Toby Pargeter - Sports Organiser

Ms Jane Mackinlay

Science & Agriculture Faculty

Ms Sarah Basquil - Head Teacher, Daily org coord

Ms Edwina Butler

Mr Mathew Danic

Mr Stephen Hooppell

Mrs Donna Jackson - Agriculture

Mrs Tracey Lee - Agriculture

Mr Anton Planting

Mr Malcolm Purvis

Mrs Jarrod Maxwell

Mr George Salmon


Humanities Faculty

Mr Craig Day - Head Teacher

Mr Joshua Dicketts

Mrs Christina Duffy

Mr Leigh Goldsworthy

Ms Zuvele Leschen

Mrs Elyssa May

Mrs Tegan Miles

Mr Andrew Mollison - Yr 12 Student Adviser

Mrs Helen Stewart-Hawkins

Mr Hugh Zerbst


Educational Support Faculty

Mrs Sharon Borham – HT Ed Support

Mrs Jacqueline Cronin - SLSO Multi-cat

Mrs Sonia Davies – LaST

Mrs Angela DeMamiel – Multi-cat.

Ms Elyse Burns – Multi-cat.

Mr Aidan Bourke – Multi-cat

Ms Caroline Frost – LaST

Mrs Caitlyn Higham – SLSO MC

Ms Claire Parsons - SLSO

Mrs Fiona Sanson - SLSO Multi-cat

Mr Timothy Roebuck - Multi-cat.

Mrs Danielle Cale – EALD

Mr Brodie Windam - SLSO

Ms Samantha Hines - SLSO Tute

Mr Joshua Harrison - SLSO

Mr James Ellis - SLSO

Mr Matthew Armstrong - SLSO

Ms Judith Sowden

Mr Kai Borham - SLSO IA


Welfare Faculty

Ms Carolyn Ratcliffe - Head Teacher Welfare (Rel)

Ms Julia Thorn – Aboriginal Support Officer

Ms Cara Ross – Youth Outreach Worker

Mrs Linda Robinson - School Counsellor


Permanent Casuals

Mrs Jennifer Cunningham – Mon & Fri

Ms Kerri Flanigan – Mon to Fri



School Administrative Support Staff

Mrs Francis Tilbrook - School Admin Manager

Mrs Sharon Bockman - School Office

Mrs Susan Burt – Home Economics

Mrs Jill Carey – School Office

Mrs Suzanne Castley - Library

Mr Greg Chadwick - General Assistant

Mrs Hilary Guinness - Duplicating Room

Mrs Carolyn Hall - School Office

Ms Sue Mojsiewicz - Principal’s Assistant

Ms Julie Rand – Deputy Principal’s Assistant

Mrs Shirley Brownlaw - Science

Mrs Fiona Smits – Reception

Mrs Ellie Styles – School Office

Mr Mark Richardson - Farm Assistant

Mrs Debbie Welch - School Office