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AHS Centenary Celebrations cancelled

Dear Ex-students and staff members of AHS

Regretfully the organising committee of the Albury High School Centenary Celebrations have decided to cancel the event. The reasons for this decision include uncertainty about regulations for the remainder of this year and the need for clarity to assist people with their planning. Many people may be reluctant to travel even if allowable. The school has also cancelled or reduced many functions and activities.

It is important that we acknowledge the school’s centenary this year. As a consequence we have a number of initiatives. This includes publishing a centenary history book written by past principal, Keith Crossley. This is now available  and details of how to purchase it are provided below. The centenary facebook page will have links to a series of short video memories by past students. Should you wish to provide a short video memory please contact Margie Gleeson at or via the AHS Centenary facebook page and she will provide you with details. The school is also creating a virtual tour which will be available on the Albury High School website. Twenty years ago a time capsule was buried and current students will unearth this and put the materials on display. Albury City Council has also agreed to put a banner across Dean Street, recognising the school’s centenary.

Whilst not a perfect outcome I am confident that you will agree that we do need to recognise and celebrate Albury High School’s one hundred years of service to the community and the more than ten thousand students and staff who have created such a great history.

The Centenary Committee apologise for any inconvenience these changes may have created for you but in these challenging and uncertain times we believe this decision is in everyone’s best interest.

Ad Astra Per Aspera

Albury High School Centenary Book

“A History of Albury High School” has been written by past principal, Keith Crossley. It details the past 10 decades and includes reflections from past students and staff. It is a wonderful record of the school’s history. The book is being printed professionally by an Albury company and is a quality publication with a hard cover. A great memento of the school and its people.

The book will be available for distribution in mid September 2020 and is being sold by the Albury High School Centenary Committee. All profits will be donated to the school. To assist with decisions regarding the quantity of the print run we ask that you purchase the book now (and tell your friends about it).

It is available for purchase now on the “Trybooking” site under the event name Albury High School Centenary Book or using the direct link The cost is $35 for collection in Albury or $44 with postage (Australia only). The book may be collected from Albury Picture Framers, Amp Lane, Central Albury after the 10th September 2020.


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